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Rafalias Mansion,
a place to call home...

We are a family that has settle in Hydra since 1596. Many generations and many stories.

One of the most distinctive mansions, well-preserved and in an easy accessible point from the harbor, is the mansion Rafalias. It is described by the Archaeological Service (1st EBA) as Project of art and historical monument together with the pharmacy.

We offer 7 rooms.

5 with a fully equipped kitchenette in the garden house.

From the big mansion there are 2 spaces for rent: That is Major Suite and Iris Suite.

The upper floor of the big Mansion is not offered as a rental. It is available for professional photoshoot or films. 


The archaeological department stated: "The Rafalias Mansion is an important early neoclassical building, with remarkable morphological elements on its exterior sides, and in the interior, (wall, ceiling paintings, imitation marble slabs). It is important for the island's history and modern Greek history in general.

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